A party bus is a small bus turned into a mini-club on wheels. For one thing, party buses have the perks of a limousine but they are spacious enough to dance and move around. Depending on the size and accommodation of the bus, they have one or two dancing poles. Such poles also serve as a safety precaution as people stand around and dance in the moving vehicle. The best party buses have lights, an excellent sound system, cooler, screens, and an expert driver.

Every party bus in VIP Dallas Party Bus is equipped with coolers and cup holders you and your guest can use for drinks. All guests 21 and over are allowed to bring alcohol and drink on the VIP Party Bus. A valid Texas or US authorized ID will be checked to prevent underage drinking.

The VIP Dallas Party Bus counts with two luxurious party vehicles. For the small parties, we offer the 14 passenger mini bus. Additionally, for medium to large size parties, we have a 24 passenger bus.

Party buses, mainly allow for party goers to begin and continue in a celebration atmosphere the whole time they are out and about. Thus you can do everything lawful that you would do at a club or a party! Most of our guest enjoy dancing, drinks, have planned activities, take pictures, and so on.

Yes, we charge a $100 deposit that is non-refundable however it contributes to the total cost of the event. When you pay for the final invoice, we will add the total amount of the deposit toward the ultimate price.

You can cancel the event for a refund up to seven days before the date of the reservation. We will still keep the non-refundable deposit of $100; the rest of the payment will be returned in full.

As soon as you know you’re going to have an event, please call us for availability.

Yes, you can bring food! All you have to do is to pay a convenience cleaning fee of $50 that will assure the bus looks and smells its be for the next party. On the other hand, if all you bring is snacks, e.g., chips and soda, you can do so for free as long as you take care of the trash.

No, we do not allow smoking on the bus, but you can always ask the driver to make as many stops as needed for smoke breaks.

All of our party buses have dancing poles.  The 14 passenger bus has one pole, and the 24 passenger bus has two poles. The poles do not just add an extra prop for the party; they also provide support while the vehicle is moving and people are standing or dancing inside. We do not remove the dancing poles, but we offer the option to have them dressed with decorations for special kid parties or anything you would like.

Depending upon availability if you purchase six party bus hours or more, we can arrange to split the hour block.

Yes, our music is Bluetooth operated, you can play your own playlist or use our iPads which come with a paid subscription to YouTube music.

No, you can choose your own pickup and drop off location EXCEPT on the bar crawl.

It’s an event we do once a month on a Friday or Saturday when there is not an event already booked when we will pick everyone up at a specific location, We will coast you on one of our luxurious party buses to bars/clubs of our choice, at the end of the night we safely transport you back to the original location. (Please be aware this is a public event, you will be riding with other people, if you would like a private event please call us for availability) this event is for meeting new people.

Yes, we serve all Dallas, Fort Worth area.

A bar crawl VIP style is an event we host once a month on a Friday or Saturday night depending on availability.  We determine a central location to pick everyone up, and then we will coast you on one of our luxurious party buses to some bars/clubs of our choice. Then at the end of the night, we safely transport you back to the original location. (Please be aware this is a public event, you will be riding with other people. If you would like a private event, call us for availability.) This event is a meet and greet to make new friends in the Dallas metroplex.

No, you can choose your pick up and drop off location except on the bar crawl.